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Welcome to my site.

We've been very busy lately.
I have been occupied with various thing, such as work, the Otakuthon Gallery, helping Jonboy with his Galtar illustrations. I've always been looking forward to doing some drawing for myself.

on a little side note, I had been farwarded a link to a "dA" article wich was about a contest, some of the inspiration pieces that were linked with thumbnails in included my colored piece of Jonny as a young lad with a wonderous expression. I was very glad to see that it has been made of some use.

Always remember to ask if I can do you a commission. I may be very interested since I enjoy experimenting with various styles and ideas. take care now :)

July '08

It's been so long since I've last updated, there are many people whom I informed that I would be abroad for a while, now I'm finaly back in town again.
I'm also very sorry about the previous site layout, it did not look as good as I had originally thought. So I've been working with CSS coding for the site and some others as well.

I had learned that C-ACE would no longer be able to keep an annual convention, so I will be looking for other conventions I can possibly attend/participate.

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